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We are a Canadian-based company located in Toronto, Ontario specializing in Microgreens, fresh herbs, and sprouting seeds. All our products are shipped from within Canada.

Fresh Greens was established in 2021 after the global Covid-19 pandemic exposed a need for fresh local food to be delivered to homes and businesses. As well as the trend to eat healthy food that is locally produced, with an environmentally responsible mindset.

Hydroponic farming methods open up new opportunities to produce healthy food, year round, regardless of the climate. The popularity of microgreens and sprouts has also been increasing with new research showing overwhelming evidence of their cancer-fighting abilities.

Whether you are looking to order some seeds to get started growing sprouts or greens in your kitchen, there is a well-stocked online shop of organic seeds to get you started. If you are looking to grow your passion into a sustainable business, we have franchise model to support your growth in this fast-growing new industry.

As an environmentally-conscious business, we choose paper over and plastic for packaging and bicycle over automobile for local deliveries.

Vegetarian eating is also growing globally in popularity, we create many delicious recipes to help you make the most out of your fresh greens. Enjoy!

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