We take great pride in our brand and marketing, but that’s just one of Fresh Green’s many assets.

An organic and healthy business model.

Every strong brand starts by building a strong foundation on which to stand. Fresh Greens stands firmly as the largest micro green franchise in Canada.

Free Website

Get a free personalized website built and hosted without any recurring fees.

Set your own margins

Full control to set your own prices and margins. 

Accept credit cards

No monthly fees and a flat-rate industry standard fee of $0.35 plus 2.9% per transaction. 

Product discounts

Get 10% off any purchases with us and save on bulk seed orders. 

Commission-free eCommerce

Start selling online instantly with a free Weebly website to aid in your franchise web design. email

Receive email through your own email address.

Brand assets

Utilize our marketing resources and brand assets. 

Online marketing tools

Leverage our insights and ideas with the opportunity to use powerful online marketing tools to create new content.

Competitor analysis

Access insightful data into the competitions traffic.

Shared analytical data

Gain industry insights from data sharing with our network of sites.

Online profile management

Help with managing online profiles and growing exposure to your business.

Brand Leverage

Be part of an established brand that positive impact on people. We provide you with all the brand assets and sustainable packaging to ensure your products will be sure to make an impact.

Experience optional

No previous experience in farming microgreens is required. We help you get started and you can grow at your own pace, gradually adding more microgreen variety. 

Marketing Machine

Fresh Greens is backed by a talented online marketing team that will support you in growing your online business through franchise advertising. All the technological aspects of running your online presence is fully managed.  


Are there any licensing or recurring fees?

There are no recurring fees or ongoing licensing fees. To become a Franchisee of Fresh Greens, you just need to request an invite and express your interest.

Do I need a lot of space to operate this business?

No. One of the advantages to vertical farming and growing microgreens over traditional farms is that it requires much less space. Many people operate profitable businesses in a spare room in their house or a climate-controlled greenhouse. 

Where does your seed come from?

The Fresh Greens Company is partnering with other organic farmers who produce high-quality sprouting seeds. All our seeds and growing crops come from organic farms in Canada. Microgreens are young plants and sprout quickly. 

I already have an established business, can I still become a franchisee?

Yes. As long as you can provide some fresh leafy greens for sale for local delivery. That is the only requirement. Our solution is great for existing gardening centers, farming companies, farm stores, grocery stores, convenience stores, and other related businesses.

Want to chat before going ahead? Feel free to contact us at any time.

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