Terrafibre Hemp Grow Mats





Here at Fresh Greens, we’re loving this excellent product line manufactured in Alberta, Canada. Composed of long fibers from the hemp plant, these grow mats form the perfect material for root stabilization for microgreens. Peat-based products are not ideal since they are harvested from peat bogs. Coir is a great option, but it is transported from the tropics.  Use Terrafibre grow mats for sprouts, micro-greens, or for any other seedling starts. They’re ideal for growing wheatgrass. Once the harvest has been taken, the whole thing can be composted — it’s 100% biodegradable.

  • Grow microgreens cleaner, faster, sustainably, with hemp fiber growing medium
  • Pack of 10 – Fits 10” x 20” growing tray
  • 100% biodegradable and compostable – all-natural, ph-neutral, industrial hemp rolls are intertwined into a biodegradable backing to provide a strong but light environment for seeds to thrive in.
  • Highly absorptive – Hemp fibers can hold 1050% of their own weight in water, providing your seeds with the water they require.
  • Perfect for hydroponic growing microgreens, wheatgrass, micro herbs, sprouts, and other short rotation crops.

Made in Canada 🍁

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