For those who don’t have the patience to wait for slow-growing vegetables to mature, there are plenty of fast-growing options to choose from. Whether you have limited space or simply want to enjoy a quick harvest, there are many vegetables that can be grown quickly and easily from the comfort of your home. Let’s explore some of the best fast-growing vegetables for impatient gardeners, as well as tips for growing them successfully.

When it comes to fast-growing vegetables, there are many options to choose from. Leafy greens like lettuce, spinach, and arugula can be ready to harvest in as little as 20-30 days after planting. Radishes are another fast-growing option, with some varieties ready to harvest in just 3-4 weeks. Other fast-growing vegetables include beets, carrots, and herbs like basil, cilantro, and parsley.


If you’re the kind who constantly checks the soil and eagerly awaits the first signs of sprouting, then fast-growing vegetables are your best friends. They not only provide quick gratification but also ensure a speedy and delicious harvest. Here are some vegetables that race against time, ensuring you don’t have to wait long to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Leafy Greens:

  • Lettuce: One of the quickest growers, various types of lettuce can be harvested as early as three weeks for baby greens and within 40-60 days for mature leaves.
  • Spinach: A cold-weather crop, spinach can be ready to pick in just 4-6 weeks after planting.
  • Arugula: Also known as rocket, arugula’s spicy leaves can be enjoyed after 20-30 days of planting.

Root Vegetables:

  • Radishes: These crispy root veggies can surprise you, with some varieties being table-ready in just 22-28 days.
  • Beets: While they might not be as fast as radishes, beets can be harvested within 50-70 days of planting. Remember, beet greens are edible and delicious too!
  • Carrots: Baby carrots can be harvested within 30 days, while mature ones take a bit longer, around 50-75 days.


  • Basil: Perfect for that homemade pesto, basil can be harvested in as little as 30 days.
  • Cilantro: A staple in many dishes, cilantro, or coriander, grows quickly and can be harvested in about 3-4 weeks.
  • Parsley: Flat or curly, parsley is usually ready for its first harvest in around 40-60 days.

Potted Vegetables: Growing vegetables in pots is an excellent choice for those with limited space or those who fancy moving their garden around occasionally. Quick growers like lettuce, spinach, and radishes thrive well in containers. When opting for pots, choose ones with ample space for roots and ensure you use a potting mix with good drainage. With proper care, including consistent watering and the right fertilization, you can anticipate a bountiful harvest right from your balcony or patio!

radish growing in soilGrowing vegetables in pots is a great option for those who have smaller spaces or want the flexibility to move their plants around. Many fast-growing vegetables can be grown successfully in pots, including lettuce, spinach, and radishes mentioned previously.

While growing vegetables in pots, it’s important to choose a pot that is large enough for the plant’s roots and to ensure that proper potting mix is used so water drains well. Regular watering and fertilization can help ensure that your potted vegetables grow quickly and healthily.


microgreens potted

For those who want to enjoy a quick harvest without the hassle of pots, microgreen growing trays are a great option. Microgreens are young, tender greens that are harvested when they are just a few inches tall. They are packed with nutrients and can be used in salads, sandwiches, and other dishes. Many vegetables can be grown as microgreens, including lettuce, kale, and radishes. Microgreens can be grown in trays using a special growing medium and are typically ready to harvest in just 1-2 weeks.

Choosing the Right Seeds

When it comes to choosing vegetable seeds that grow fast, look for varieties that have a short time to maturity indicated on the seed packet. By choosing seeds with a shorter time to maturity, you can enjoy a quick harvest without sacrificing quality or flavor.

We have outlined a few great options, but there are many fast-growing vegetables that are perfect for impatient gardeners. Whether you’re growing your vegetables in pots or microgreen trays, or simply looking for quick-maturing seed varieties, there are plenty of choices. By following these tips and techniques, you can enjoy a bountiful harvest in no time.