Spring is a beautiful season to sow seeds of love and beauty, especially when planning a garden. This season of rebirth brings an opportunity to fill outdoor spaces with hues of ‘Mary’s Gold’ and pink cosmos, paying tribute to South American landscapes where cosmos originated. These flowers, easy to grow and rich in meaning, are perfect for gardeners seeking vibrant color and depth in their plant selection.

Marigolds, also known as pot marigolds, symbolize the Virgin Mary’s love and have long been associated with Dia de los Muertos festivities. With their vibrant gold color, they are a perfect representation for October birthdays, being an emblematic flower for October. Moreover, their ability to repel pests makes them a practical and attractive addition to any garden.

Cosmos flowers, both pink and white cosmos, are equally enticing, adding delicate beauty and charm. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, they carry significant meanings, often associated with peace and love, making them popular choices for wedding anniversaries. Growing cosmos is an effortless task, further enhancing their appeal to both novice and seasoned gardeners.

So, as you embark on your spring gardening journey, consider the addition of marigolds and cosmos, a duo that combines visual appeal, ease of growth, and depth of symbolism.


Originating from the vibrant tapestry of cultures, marigolds shimmer in shades of yellow, orange, and red, embodying positivity, joy, and happiness. These flowers are not just visual delights; they’re symbols of love, passion, creativity, and remembrance. The significance of marigolds is especially profound in Mexican culture, where they are intertwined with the Day of the Dead celebrations, serving as heartfelt tributes to departed loved ones.

While the fiery tones of marigolds evoke warmth and energy, the pink variety introduces a soft, romantic essence to gardens, echoing grace, elegance, and femininity. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, the dried petals find their way into aromatherapy, skincare, teas, and infusions, cherished for their calming and rejuvenating qualities.


Native to Mexico and first encountered by Spanish explorers, cosmos flowers have since been spread across the world, capturing hearts with their diverse palette. Spanish priests, observing the harmonious order arrangement of its petals, named it after the Greek word ‘cosmos’, which means ‘ordered universe’. Belonging to the asteraceae family, cosmos flowers come alive in shades of orange, yellow, white, and even the rare chocolate cosmos, with many showcasing captivating yellow centers.

Each color tells a tale: the fiery orange cosmos represents enthusiasm and energy; the pristine white cosmos flower resonates with purity and tranquility, and the purple ones spark creativity and imagination. The cosmos bloom, especially the October birth flower, symbolizes love, peace, and harmony, making it an emblematic choice for those celebrating October birthdays.

Beyond their individual significances, cosmos flowers symbolize peace and order, likely due to their balanced and symmetrical petals. Whether it’s the playful allure of marigolds or the harmonious serenity of cosmos, both flowers infuse gardens with unique character. As gardeners indulge in these floral wonders, they get to paint their outdoor spaces with splashes of color and sentiments, crafting landscapes that are both visually delightful and emotionally resonant.

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